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This is the Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training course. Click here to see our Yoga Alliance profile.

Module 1: Who Am I?

The theme of this module is inner exploration. It is aimed toward deepening your own yoga practice through philosophy, anatomy, subtle energy, asana alignment and individualized sequencing.

What you will learn:

  • To deepen your relationship with yourSelf through meditation, asana practice and pranayama practice
  • The history of yoga
  • Patanjali’s basic scientific method for calming the mind, including the 8 limbs of yoga as they are outlined in the Yoga Sutras.
  • Sequencing for a hatha class
  • Asana alignment, modifications, benefits and contraindications
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the major physical body systems
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the subtle energy systems including: an introduction to prana, chakras, nadis, vayus, & bandhas
  • Connections between physical & subtle energy systems

Module 2: Why Am I Here?

The theme of this module is understanding your relationship to others. It is focused on the aspects of teaching yoga, including: teaching methodology, cueing asana, pranayama & meditation, hands-on assists, creative sequencing & transitions, the business of yoga, and creating successful workshop and retreats.

What you will Learn

  • Hands-on assists
  • Creative Sequencing
  • To find your teaching voice
  • How to sit in the seat of the teacher
  • How to hold space for an integrated group
  • How to balance observation, demonstration and cueing for a successful yoga class
  • How to lead yoga classes, workshops, and retreats
  • How to create a yoga business and market yourself for success
  • How to guide your student into meditation by taking a journey through the koshas
  • How to lead pranayama

Required Texts:


Courtney Fletcher

An ex-gymnast, spinally fused, 18-year yogi, Ashtangi, trained in India, with a gypSEA soul whose practice draws from hatha, kundalini and vinyasa. My heart-centered approach evokes an understanding of interconnectedness through a focus on self-love, nature and seva (service). The intention being for my students to discover the light within that ignites their path to inner peace, the connection which opens the heart to universal love.

After 10 years as a competitive gymnast, lower back surgery brought my athletic ability to a halt. Looking for a way to ease the pain and regain strength and flexibility, I discovered yoga and immediately fell in love with the practice, quickly learning its transformational power over the mind and path to freedom. Embarking on this journey meant a lifelong quest for self-knowledge, love, and humility. In 2010 I volunteered in India and earned my yoga teaching certification. My time in India inspired me to establish my own NGO, Kids’ Foundation for Uniting Nations which connects and inspires kids around the world to initiate positive change through service.

OMwork for Day 1
  • Supplies List:
    • Notebook & Pencil
    • 3 Primary Colors Paint & Brushes (colored pencils or markers will suffice, but paint is best)
    • Small piece of string
  • Read the Yoga Sutras
  • Study Sutras 1.1-1.4 for Day 1
  • Prepare your body by eating vegetarian food and drinking lots of water
  • Drink hot teas
  • Practice Conscious Breathing all the time (breath awareness and deep breathing)
  • Practice asana, pranayama & meditation daily
  • Fill out & email the Gypsea Waiver to
  • Download Workbook
  • Fill out the application below:

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Course Content

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Session 1 - Warm Up & Body Preparation, Purity
Session 2 - Standing & Balancing, Contentment
Session 3 - Standing & Balancing, One-Pointedness
Session 4 - Grounding, Study of Self
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